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Life Transition Counseling

Have some life crises caught you off guard? Are you seeking counseling because you have lost someone or something and feel sad, lonely, anxious, or confused? Are you judging yourself for feeling badly for too long and telling yourself to “snap out of it?”

       Life Transition Counseling will guide and support you through those moments in life when everything you have clung to as truth and your understanding of yourself have suddenly shifted. These difficult passages may involve loss and grief associated with work, divorce, death of someone close, recovering memories of a painful past. Life transitions occur when we enter or leave the workforce, when children leave home, in the process of aging. During these emotionally charged times my work as a life transition counselor is to help you find the meaning in the confusion, honor your feelings and provide safe passage for the journey.

Tisa Starr MA, MFT  • Couples Counseling Auburn – Individual Therapy – Marriage and Family Counseling Auburn • (530) 888-6595