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Tisa Starr


During the Covid-19 “shelter in place” directive I am working with clients through Zoom teletherapy and by phone only. Stay healthy!


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      What’s happening in your life right now that you’re considering individual or relationship counseling? Has a personal struggle reached its tipping point? Are there issues with your partner or, within your family, that leave you feeling frustrated, alone and disappointed?
      As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in the Auburn area for more than ten years, I bring the wisdom of many professional and life experiences to my counseling relationships with individuals, couples and families. I help people wade through their personal muck with empathy, humor and compassion. Clients say they feel comfortable in the counseling relationship with me from the start. They appreciate that I speak honestly, that I am caring and that I give them feedback.

Counseling for Life Transitions

      I specialize in two counseling areas. My work with individuals focuses on Life Transition Counseling. Life Transitions are those unique moments in life when circumstances or events erode usual coping mechanisms leaving us feeling depressed, anxious, sad, maybe alone.  

Couples and Family Counseling – Emotionally Focused Therapy

     Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and families is a research based treatment model that can improve relationship communication, closeness and feelings of well being in eight to 20 sessions. This is relationship counseling that really works.

ICEEFT logo I am an ICEEFT Certified EFT

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